I first read the art notebook (November 1974 issue) when I was in my second year of college. I bought it for a feature I liked, but then decided to subscribe at work and continued until I retired in 2020. It is an art critic magazine that has been digging deeply into artists and exhibitions that have been attracting attention mainly in contemporary art for 73 years since its inception, but it is rumored that it will be discontinued due to the influence of young people's character alienation and the development of digital communication tools, and an art notebook is also published every other month. It has been difficult to operate. In addition, the society and economy have been forced to stagnate due to the influence of the new corona for the past two years, and art is no exception.
The theme of this solo exhibition is to turn the art world that has stopped turning. Therefore, as an art expression, he continues to rotate the art magazine, which has become one of the sources of his own expression, on the box during the solo exhibition period, with jokes. The booklet, which rotates at high speed, makes it unreadable not only to pick it up and see its contents, but also to read the photos and letters on the cover. On the contrary, the art magazines that were turned around with the intention of cheering are stripped of their meaning from photographs and letters, leaving only a visual image. The earth by "google earth" is projected on the front wall, and it keeps rotating to confirm the date from November 1974 to March 2020. This is an opportunity to re-examine the foundations that have shaped my work of art, and it is also an exhibition that serves as a gateway to the challenge of new expressions.

Swinging art-swinged or shaken by art criticism-

(h 270×w 550 ×d 900cm)
  electricmagnet、magnet、relay、Reed switch、glass、box etc
Gallery Art Kageyama[fujieda]

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