It was a symbol of the tragedy of the division of East and West Germany in the Cold War era when it was called a border wall, but now many people may think of President Trump's remarks to make it at the border between the United States and Mexico Absent. Such walls have been created in various places in the east and west. The main reason for this is the hostile attitude toward neighboring countries born from differences in ethnicity, religion, ideology, etc. and economic disparities.
According to Wegener's continental movement theory, about 200 million years ago, the continents such as America, Africa, and Eurasia, which are now separated, are almost integrated, and it gradually moved to form the current topography That is. Many nations were established after various processes.
At the venue, the current world map was placed on the terrain that was once a lump, and the shape of the border was taped. There was a robot that responded to the line sensor and moved around in the frame. The robots can be guards guarding the borders or people who have been forbidden to move abroad due to state power. A fence made of bamboo is installed along the border, and the light emitted by the robot changes its silhouette every moment. It shows the state of the border that continues to change due to aggression and internal conflict.
This work is a device that recognizes the meaning of the border once again.


fluorescent led,aluminum,ic,servo motor,caster,bamboo,tape,AC100v etc.
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