Following the North Korea nuclear test and the launch of intercontinental ballistics in 2018, deployment of interceptor missiles in the Tohoku and Chugoku regions is under consideration. Even if a denuclearization stance is shown, it is natural to continue to be vigilant, but the effects and costs are completely unpredictable. Other than that, the expansion of weapons will continue, such as a carrier plan for escort ships and joint training with US and Philippine forces by submarines in the East China Sea.
Under such circumstances, we created a 1/3 scale balloon imitating the missile gSM-3h of the missile intercept system gAegis Ashoreh. A small shell can be seen flying around the missile, or the missile flying off the air can be represented by aluminum fragments. The pieces of aluminum are magnetic and all are heading north. The direction of the balloon missile is also determined accordingly. This suggests one possibility that the future of Japan will go in the same direction and that words and actions that resist it will be pushed in. There are endless elements such as movements in the revision of the peace constitution, regulation of collective behavior and media reports. Do you feel something close to the air of the era when you had a battle of the past?

Toward the north
Aluminum Filme ,magnetize wire etc.
h 250~w200 ~d300cm
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