The work, which is cast in aluminum and has the form of an enlarged internal organ, emits a faint heartbeat from within. Sounds were recorded from themselves, men, women, young people, old people, and animals. When you hear your own heartbeat coming from within the work, it feels as if a primitive life form is lying there. You don't move or think; all you hear is the sound of blood pumping through your body. On the wall is the ``LIFE CLOCK'' series of LED (light emitting diode) works that turn on (red for birth) and turn off (blue for death) according to the timing of birth and death in each country. This work depicts humans as numbers rather than as dignified individuals. The clear differences in luminescence frequency between countries suggest that this work reflects a variety of factors other than simply the lifespan of an organism.

Existence Series

Atsushi Natsuike Exhibition [Art Kageyama Gallery]

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