KAGO race is held every year by the townspeople in the Nissaka area. This historical event combines respect for the past, communication between residents, and his refreshment of the body. The JR Tokaido Line makes a large detour around this Nissaka area. I heard that it was because the residents were opposed to the construction of the railway because the cows were surprised at that time. For this reason, Nissaka's Hatago still remains, and retains the remnants of those days. This time, the theme was the time that flows in this area. The average walking speed is 4 km / h. According to the literature, the speed of the fast KAGO is about 6 km / h. On the other hand, nowadays, if you take the Shinkansen, you can reach Tokyo from Shizuoka in about an hour, and the average speed is 180 km. The work is to let you experience the three speeds by the movement of light.

KAGO of light

(h 150×w 810 ×d 1000cm)
LED fluorescent light、straw、bamboo、arduino、ORgate etc.
Kakegawa Tea Ennale[ Nissaka in Kakegawa city・Fujibun]

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