Oigawa Railway was opened between Senzu and Kanaya in 1960. Until then, the main means of transportation were squid and boats using the Oi River, horses across the ridge, and walking. In particular, the Oi River flow was used to transport timber, which was the main industry in the Kawane, Kanaya, and Shimada districts.
This time, we focused on this river that flows in parallel with this railway, and made it an art event that re-experiences the sense of solidarity created by struggling at the time and collaborating by making squid made from timber. A flag with 19 names of Oigawa Railway was attached as a symbol of the unmanned station art festival.

A Second series of KAWAKARI
wood,bamboo,cloth,rope etc.
(h 200~w250 ~d60cm)~21rafts
unmanned art festival, oigawa[Shimada]

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