A green belt of tea grows in the Higashiyama/Nisaka area. It is especially beautiful from early spring to early summer. I had never thought much about the branches because of the image of the scenery and the delicious taste of green tea in my mouth. While inspecting the venue, I noticed that the branches had been pulled out after their role had been completed, I had a chance to see a tea tree that had finished its work and was left with only its branches. Its shape, reminiscent of fractal nerve cells, has a strength and delicacy reminiscent of the roots of living things. We gathered tea plants in the darkness of an inn, where historical time is condensed, and created a device that reminds us of the origin of life by shining light on them.

The nucleus of life
wood of the tea,fluorescen led,ic,AC100v etc.
h 120~w 810~d 820 cm
Chaennale in Kakegawa [Nissaka]

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