Period: 9/Aug./2002-30/Aug.

This project has finished.

This is a trial project to connect a gallery to the world through the TV conference system of the internet. The idea I have in mind is sharing an image on the screen with all those who send a picture of a container of water with a floating object to this gallery through the internet.
The archetype of this image comes from my work "Territorial Waters" in 1997.
What I'm trying to achieve this time is to extend this image to a world wide level. This work would be completed by adding all the images every participant sends through the internet to add to my original work . As all the seas in the world are connected, all the private seas of each participant will be connected (actually, all the images of a container in front of each participant will be connected) through the internet and we all can share the same images. The object floating in each container will vary depending on nations, races, and individuals. Though we are all different, we seem to be able to grasp the possibility of coexistence or living together on this water world by recognizing all these differences.
This exhibition will be open from Aug. 9 through Aug. 30, 2002. If you are interested in this project, all you need is to download the free TV conference system from the ivisit site (http://www.ivisit.com), and install it.
You also need to connect a video camera to your computer to send us the picture of your container of water. Now, you are ready to join our project during the exhibition on the site http://www.ivisit.com/server/sculpture/sculpture/Thai-exhibition.
I welcome as many participants as possible.

<A required thing>

- Computer (win or mac) (Thing equipped with video input port or the input terminal of fire wire <IEEE1394>)

- Environment which can carry out an Internet connectivity

- A VIDEO camera or a digital camera (Thing with video output port or the fire wire <IEEE1394> output port.) - Please download the software for TV conferences from the following site. http://www.ivisit.com/download.htm


- Computer connection of a VIDEO camera or a digital camera

- Installation of downloaded iVisit - Starting and a VIDEO arrangement of iVisit - Inside of the server of ivisit.com arts/sculpture/thai_exhibition It enters.

- Although floated on the container on a table, take video camera.

***If you can't prepare a video camera or a digital camera,you can only look the project .***