Many people may have had a cold because they fell asleep with tipsy while waiting for the train on the bench in the cold season. The trains of the Oigawa Railway operate once every hour. If you miss the train, it will be difficult, and there are more windswept areas than the JR station building, so there may be few people who fall asleep.

The product is a person who is intoxicated by using the refrigerant pipe of the air conditioner and placed on the bench. The air conditioner during heating operation warms the surroundings with the warm air coming out of the outlet and the heated refrigerant pipe. It is a work that provides hot service at the same time as exhibiting it as an art work for those who come to visit this art festival.

Warm up

h 180×w250 ×d100cm
airconditioner、Refrigerant pipe、can of beer 等
Unmanned station art festival, Oigawa[shimada}


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