「3rd series in KAWAKARI」(Cleaning Reusing )Natsuike+Yamamoto

At the 2019 Unmanned Station Arts Festival, we presented a work "Continuing River Hunting" (raft flow) based on the history of the Oi River. This work relives how timber cut down in the upper reaches of the Oi River is transported to Mukuya in Shimada. This time, we will create a process to land the drifted lumber and make it into a building.
Currently, driftwood is scattered along the riverbank in front of the museum, and there is also an event to collect it in Daihachiguruma and carry it to a vacant lot in the river sea. Next, tighten the timber with wire to create a new resting place. There are places where you can take a break, such as drinking tea. Driftwood reads location information from Google Earth at the time of collection and writes it with paint. In Shinkawa Kaisho, you can brew tea by arranging objects in the image of driftwood over the lotus stand and on the boat.


Drafting wood、wire、bamboo、Simple bath、Bolt etc.
unmanned art festival, oigawa[Shimada]


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