At the 2019 Unmanned Station Art Festival, we presented a work about the history of the Oi River, "Sequel to River Hunting" (Rafting). The work relives how lumber from the upper reaches of the Oi River is transported to Mukuya in Shimada. This time, the process of unloading the driftwood and making it into buildings will be created. Currently, the driftwood is scattered on the riverbank in front of the museum, but the event will be held to collect it with a Daihachiguruma and transport it to a vacant lot at the inn. Next, the lumber will be tightened with wire to create a new resting place. There will be a place to rest, including a place to drink tea. Driftwood is read for location from Google Earth at the time of collection and written in paint. At the Shinkawa Kaijo, driftwood-inspired objects will be placed on lotus stands and boats, where visitors can enjoy a cup of tea.

3rd series in KAWAKARI(Cleaning Reusing )Natsuike+Yamamoto

Drafting wood、wire、bamboo、Simple bath、Bolt etc.
unmanned art festival, oigawa[Shimada]


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